Gullane offers various printing techniques to meet your specific need.

1. Silk screen

Silk screen provides long lasting and brilliant colour, can be applied to materials like PVC, metal and cloth, etc.

2. Inkjet printing

large format inkjet printing is good choice for promotion like vehicle advertising labels, banners, etc. Our high quality printer can provide high resolution up to 1440 dpi with water proof and UV resistant properties.

3. Computer cutting

High quality computer vinyl cutting for letter and graphics can be applied to various material for long term use.

4. Etching

Etching on metal are common for signs with long lasting quality.

5. Digital Printing

We use Fuji Xerox Digital Color Printing System which can produce printing products made of different materials such as paper, labels, tracing paper and transparency, etc. Product size can be as big as A3 with quality comparable to offset printing, but much faster and more flexible in design. Digital printing is especially suitable for producing products with small quantity (no minimum order quantity) and various contents. Certificates, badges, menu, brochures, greeting cards, posters and photo albums are just some of the examples.

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